Nonsmooth And Variational Analysis (NAVAL) Conference
University of Burgundy
Dijon, June 26-28, 2023

The international conference "Nonsmooth And Variational AnaLysis (NAVAL)" is organised in honour of Professor Lionel THIBAULT of the University of Montpellier 2 from June 26th to 28th 2023. Its objective is to gather eminent experts from different countries (Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Chile, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Romania, Senegal, Spain, USA and many others, i.e. about 80 participants) to exchange on the latest contributions and to present the state of the art in the fields of nonsmooth and variational analysis, vector optimization, optimal control, operations research and nonlinear dynamics.
The development of nonsmooth analysis tools has led to important advances in optimisation, optimal control and nonlinear dynamics. These theories have burgeoned tremendously due to rich applications in economics, engineering, mechanics, and many others. Because of these important applications, these topics are vivrant research areas and expanding branches of applied mathematics. The main objective of this conference is to discuss new results, develop new ideas and encourage collaborations between participants that will benefit for practical problems. Special issue in the journal "Optimization" will be devoted to the conference.

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